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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

automation of the removal of temporary files for windows 7

if you are installing an application program into the computer, you need to clean up temporary files. Temporary files are files that are created from the installation of a program to facilitate installation.
usually, after installation, the program still leaves the files that are not useful on your computer. There are several ways to perform the removal of temporary files, namely :

1. create a batch file

Batch file is basically a plain text file that contains DOS commands. Usually, written on the notepad, editor at the DOS prompt (Edit.exe), or other editors. Batch files are saved with extention.BAT. How to create a batch file to delete temporary files are :
  • Open a notepad program.
  • Enter the following code: cd C: \ Users \% username% \ AppData \ Localrmdir / S / Q Temp.

  • After that, save the file with a name: cleantemp.bat.

  • You run the file. If it does not work, try to check back to your computer username with the username in its coding.

2. automate the process

to direct the removal process temporary files when logging into windows 7 is:

  • Create a batch file such as file cleantemp.bat that you have practiced before.
  • After that, right click on the batch file you created and click on create shortcut.

  • Next, click the start | all programs | startup, then you right click and select open.

  • Please insert a shortcut file that has been made ​​to the startup folder is.

  • From now on, every time the install program in windows 7, all the temporary files are deleted automatically.