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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Trends in the future

the trend of information technology in the future, especially after the presence of a wide range of tablet PCs, there are three main aspects to be considered, namely :

  • Thumbnail
Everything becomes small, after 1947, when the vacuum tube ENIAC turned into transistors smaller, faster and reliable, which serves to send an electrical signal along the circuit. Later developed into an IC (integrated circuit) which is a collection of all circuits in a chip box made ​​of silicon and only half the size of your thumb.

then with a small processor or microprocessor that can be used in PC / notebook / netbook / tablet PC is currently the process is initially carried out with a lot of computers to be more concise by using only a single peripheral.

  • Speed
Thanks to the miniature and the discovery of these processors, the manufacturer may include more components. Faster processing speed and data storage becomes larger.


  • Affordability
One-tenth the price of the current processor thousands of prices in the past. Moving forward with a small component, fast speed and the ability to pack more but the price is also affordable.

Choose which one?
Now, answer the following questions to choose which one you want :

  • I work in touch with a lot of documents such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint for presentations. After that, I can send it via email to the client or others. If this is that often you do then you can choose netbooks as their choice.
  • I am a graphic design on a web company that often travel out of town then the choice of the notebook can be an alternative solution.
  • I often use multimedia on the go, the iPad tablet could be a solution because it has a wide screen and battery life long enough. You can transfer them via iTunes for not being able to watch from a DVD drive. But if you are using a CD / DVD while listening to music or watch videos the notebook of choice for the netbook is not provided optical-drive (unless using external optical-drive).
  • I want to play lots of games, the iPad to be an alternative solution. With the App Store, you can download many games on it.
Whatever type of activity you do, the election to purchase such gadgets will primarily depend on the needs of users in using the gadget.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Care tips netbook and notebook

How can you buy a netbook that can be preserved? there are several tips you should consider to take care of your notebook or netbook, among others:

  • Placing a notebook or netbook is in a flat so that the ventilation holes at the bottom uncovered.
  • Also make sure there is not much that shocks will not quickly destroy hard drives, optical-drive or other mechanical components.
  • If you travel frequently then the bag for your notebook or netbook becomes important because it can protect from scratches, dust, water droplets, and impact. You can use the silica gel can absorb water vapor or moisture so it does not appear mushroom / spots on the notebook or netbook.
  • Before you turn on your notebook or netbook, make sure the battery has enough power to boot and run the operating system due to lack of battery power when booting would result in making the hard drive fails to boot and become permanently damaged. When in doubt, you can install the adapter so that the boot process can run smoothly to the operating system running properly.

  • Bags that are used must also be thick with thick foam in it that protects the notebook or netbook from the collision. Use also a waterproof bag so that water will not seep into and damage the notebook or netbook. After that, choose one that has a pouch that can hold lots of equipment other notebook or netbook and do not interfere with the space of a notebook or netbook.

  • Note the battery indicator before charging. If the battery capacity is less than 80% should be spent first and then in charge.
  • Read and understand how to use a notebook or netbook battery properly. You can read it in the manual are included.
  • When carrying a notebook or netbook, and you want to put in a bag, make sure it is in a shutdown condition.
  • You can add a screen protector (screen protector), a protective keyboard (keyboard protector) and use a cooling pad if the notebook will be used in a long time in a notebook so that air circulation can be maintained.

  • When open a screen on a notebook or netbook, you should open from the center of the screen so the screen can be balanced hinges and hinge will remain durable.
  • Do not put the phone on a notebook or on a keyboard due to radiation from mobile phones can damage the keyboard controller chips.
  • You should not touch the touchpad when your hands are wet or greasy because it can damage and reduce the sensitivity of the touchpad. In addition, regular use wipes clean with a smooth and clean so as touchpad sensitivity can be maintained.
  • Avoid wrapping the wires on the body or casing adapter as the cable section can be broken if you wrapped too tight. The damage is made ​​the power supply to the notebook or netbook you will be broken due to a lack of power supply.

  • Turn off your notebook or netbook with correct and do not turn off abruptly especially when the indicator light is still blinking because it means the hard drive is still working to process execution run. This can cause your data to be lost or damaged and can be easily damaged hard drive.
  • If you frequently surf online using email or online shopping, safe way to be careful is to install an antivirus that can detect the type of virus, trojan or worm that can damage the malicious applications or files you have in your notebook or netbook. Antivirus will automatically upload the latest data from the internet (when you connect to the internet) if it found a new virus is detected.
  • User behavior should also be noted that by avoiding visiting Internet sites are dangerous because of spam, malware, spyware and so on.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Advantages and disadvantages of Tablet PC

With a tiny body, tablet PCs also have drawbacks and advantages. The following are some of the advantages possessed by the tablet PC :

1. The small size making it easy to carry anywhere

A tablet PC like the iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab has a size smaller than a notebook or netbook. Because it weighs less small and practical enough to be taken when traveling.

2. Long battery life

A tablet PC like the iPad at full capacity can be used for 10 hours nonstop, while the Samsung Galaxy Tab can be used 7 hours nonstop. It is longer if compared to the notebook that only ranges between 1-3 hours or a netbook is between 5-6 hours (with 6 cell battery).

3. beautiful design
The back of the iPad is made of aluminum that feels smooth. With the color black frame create a more beautiful to look at the iPad.

4. Can read comic books and electronic
The facility to read e-books or comics electronically so you do not have to bother carrying a thick book or comic. Coupled with a sharp color display and then read an e-book or comic will make you feel comfortable.

5. Applications continue to grow

Applications that used to always increase with the App Store so users can add applications that use them for free.

6. internet access

With the iPad, users can use the free internet access using Wi-Fi and cellular service if you use Wi-Fi iPad +3 G.

While the disadvantages that the tablet PC are as follows :

1. The display screen

With its small size makes the display screen of a tablet PC is also small so that force the eyes to examine the objects that appear on the screen more closely. This can cause the eye to eye fatigue, especially when used in a long time.

2. features of the application

When compared with the features of the notebook or netbook, tablet PC features in the application is not complete as in a notebook or netbook.

3. price

Although small in size, but the tablet PC like the iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab is more expensive than a netbook or a notebook with standard features.

4. No memory expansion port

iPad is not supported by such micro SD memory slot. The greater use of content that users will require more memory storage. An iPad provides three options for capacity flash drive, which is 16.32 and 64 GB.

5. The lack of USB port

If the notebook or netbook provides a USB port that can be used for hardware or memory expansion, in contrast to the iPad is not equipped with a USB port. Apple to limit the expansion of this port in order to avoid duplication of data or applications on the iPad.

6. Does not support multitasking
One drawback is the iPad currently does not support the use of which is multitasking, meaning that applications can not open more than one. If you are playing the game and then will open the email, you must turn off the game first and then open the email.

7. Does not support Adobe Flash

85% of the current web using Adobe Flash, while the iPad does not support the use of Adobe Flash so users will have trouble when opening web that uses Adobe Flash. But Samsung Galaxy Tab and some other gadgets tablet have started to support Adobe Flash.