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Friday, July 6, 2012

Shorten the boot time on windows 7

Slow computer boot process usually occurs because of the many programs installed and runs automatically when Windows starts up. although it can see what applications or programs are running, but you do not know how long it takes.
There are a few tips to shorten boot times, namely:

  • Delete some unneeded programs, especially those consuming large memory.
  • You delay some programs are not important on windows startup.
  • Remove spyware and viruses that are infecting your PC.
If the third way is still felt his slow boot times, you need to consider how the four, that is by installing a software application called Startup Delayer.

This program, you can download for free on the site:
This program serves to delay the program to run at startup list. If you have many programs in the startup list, you can set the time of execution of the program so that it will speed up boot time windows.