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Monday, July 30, 2012

Advantages and disadvantages Notebook


Notebook also has some advantages and disadvantages. Here are the advantages possessed by the notebook :

1. Faster performance
Notebook uses Intel Dual Core processor or at least other brands such as AMD Athlon same level or Turion. Speed ​​is also 2.1 GHz or more, allowing users to use a notebook PC as usual to work hard enough as graphic design, video editing and so on. In addition, it can also be used to perform work that is multitasking. That is, you can run more than one or two courses in it and the performance of the notebook will still be able to walk normally.

Larger screen sizes
With a larger screen size (14-15 inch) to make laptop users will not get tired when looking at the screen. Details of existing objects on the desktop notebook will be seen more clearly so that the eye is not going to work hard to see it.

3. Peripheral fuller
Striking differences in the availability of peripherals in notebooks and netbooks are the optical drives like DVD-RW in the notebook, while at the netbook does not exist. With the larger size makes the notebook notebook has a place available to put an optical drive so users do not need to use CD / DVD-RW externally. The location of the optical drive is a variety, there are on the right side, left or on the surface parallel to the keyboard, depending on the brand notebook.

4. The keyboard is more spacious

The size of the larger keyboard on the notebook so that the distance between the buttons larger. This will allow users to type so that when fewer typos.

While the disadvantages that the notebook you can note the following explanation :

1. Higher prices
For some people, the price of notebook currently tend to be expensive. Therefore, the reason for the price of a basic factor that makes buying a notebook user carry out the attack. The price of a notebook with a high specification of at least $ 500. Prices are still relatively expensive in the community. The solution is usually to reduce or limit the existing features such as smaller size of the RAM, hard drive size is reduced, or purchase without using the OS (the consequence is the user to install the OS itself).

2. Battery life is not long

Usually the notebook battery does not last long. In general, it usually can use a maximum of 2-3 hours even if the notebook uses a 6 cell battery. This is because the hardware making up the notebook to "eat" a lot of energy like the use of high specification processors such as Intel Dual Core, Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon, Turion. Another factor is the activity performed on notebooks also "suck" greater energy such as editing photos or video.

3. Greater weight and weight

It comes with a fairly complete hardware like a desktop computer, notebook has a weight heavier than a netbook, especially when compared with iPad / Samsung Galaxy Tab. With the large size of this will require a special bag to carry a notebook to be safe from shock. In addition, the notebook is not practical when taken traveling.