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Saturday, June 9, 2012

optimize windows with PC booster

PC booster and windows serves to optimize tweak RAM. This program is small and you can download via This program is freeware so you do not need to get paid. ability to customize and operate fairly easily. previously, you must perform the installation.
to run it:

  • click start menu | program | PC Booster | PC booster that will display a window like the picture above.
  • if you click start, the program will perform optimizations and tweaks automatically. you just wait until the end. auto tune function will optimize all components of the PC in which if capable of improving performance. program of work will optimize your hard disk, memory, file system, internet and CD ROOM.
  • to run it, click Start | begin tuning and wait a while to do the optimization. when you finish, click the recommended now and will be shown which parts of which have to do optimization.
  • click Optimize now for further optimization, then restart your computer.

  • on the next window, you will be given the freedom in the optimization manually one by one, from the desktop tweak, start menu, internet, CD ROOM, hard disk, boot up and shutdown. you just follow the prompts and after that, you have to do manual tweaks. to end, click optimize to get the best process.
  • the following window, contains a feature that allows you to make tweaks to the memory, click memory recovery and will automatically optimize your PC memory booster.

  • on the last window, the burn-in test, you can perform tests on the processor to test the stability of your processor. click test option, then this option you fill in the number of times the processor will perform the test. after that, click ok and to start the test, click the start test