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Monday, September 17, 2012

History of Tablet PC

Tablet PCs, before the iPad has also been produced, but when it is due to the relatively expensive, battery-intensive and less attractive appearance, making the tablet PC on the market unsold. There are several other products that had previously been out before the arrival of the iPad, among others :

  • Gridpad
Emerging as the first tablet PC in 1990, with the touch screen and stylus technology. Because the fees are too high to make this product can not be developed further.

  • Apple MessagePad
In 1993, Apple released the Apple MessagePad products are equipped with a touch screen that is able to recognize patterns, although still relatively weak writing. Due to the high price and the lack of additional applications that make Apple MessagePad can not last long.

  • The tablet motion computing notebook M1200
In 2002, the product was introduced tablet motion computing notebook M1200 using windows operating system tablet PC. Battery life is weak and excessive heat generated makes this product to be submerged in the market.

  • HP TouchSmart TM2 Tablet
In 2010, Hewlett-Packard released the HP TouchSmart TM2 Tablet that has a touch screen display and can rotate.